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Originally Posted by killergorilla View Post
The monitor has a curved appearance, the emulation screen doesn't
Serious or not so serious comment but I'll answer: that can be quite easily fixed by replacing simple rectangle object with complex sphere-like object, D3D does the rest automatically. (but perhaps we can leave this for later..)

Originally Posted by Ambermoon View Post
Small hint: It might be better to make the detection work from the outside until pixels with none opaque alpha are found.

Just in case someone has the strange idea of making bezels with non-transparent 'errors' on the screen (for example a fly sitting on the screen). This would confuse an inside-out detection.

EDIT: This should solve the overscan issue too.
How does it solve overscan? Most regular displays have 5% or so overscan, I don't see how alpha data can be used for overscan size..
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