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unfortunately - through cost and target machine, it would need a miracle to bring just an 8MB card out to market and stand a chance to be competative with 2nd user market being about £45 - £60

I honestly dont think its possible for just an 8MB card either - thats not to say an A1200 with 8MB fast is crap - on the contrary.

An 060@60 + 128MB RAM with a target of £200 with lots of trimmings would be an endevor as well, since there are many varients of 060 (XC's and MC's having subtle voltage regulation differences) its going to take a fair bit of time to develop - hence cost

As Cammy kinda points out, it really comes down to what is available to source within a reasonable Minimum Order Quantity.


now this thread really shouldn't be about this kinda detail, but more so ideas and thoughts about what one would like to see for one's A1200

I would love an 060@100 with 512MB SDR, holy crap - a great idea just occoured

I have been playing around with some intergrated SiS630 intergrated chip - has USB / Network / upto 1GB Ram PC133 / 4 COM / 1 Par / 10/100 Ethernet / 2D/3D accelerated 8MB + Shared Memory (upto 64MB)

By todays terms the SiS630 chipset (North and South Birdge in one chip) is pretty much retired and out to pasture, but there are bigger / better faster 1 chip solutions like Nvidia's Nforce - some of thme have PhysX support LOL...

Imagine an 060 marries to an integrated Nforce Chipset - it coud have all of the above an more...

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