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unfortunately - through cost and target machine, it would need a miracle to bring just an 8MB card out to market and stand a chance to be competative with 2nd user market being about 45 - 60

I honestly dont think its possible for just an 8MB card either - thats not to say an A1200 with 8MB fast is crap - on the contrary.

An 060@60 + 128MB RAM with a target of 200 with lots of trimmings would be an endevor as well, since there are many varients of 060 (XC's and MC's having subtle voltage regulation differences) its going to take a fair bit of time to develop - hence cost

As Cammy kinda points out, it really comes down to what is available to source within a reasonable Minimum Order Quantity.


now this thread really shouldn't be about this kinda detail, but more so ideas and thoughts about what one would like to see for one's A1200

I would love an 060@100 with 512MB SDR, holy crap - a great idea just occoured

I have been playing around with some intergrated SiS630 intergrated chip - has USB / Network / upto 1GB Ram PC133 / 4 COM / 1 Par / 10/100 Ethernet / 2D/3D accelerated 8MB + Shared Memory (upto 64MB)

By todays terms the SiS630 chipset (North and South Birdge in one chip) is pretty much retired and out to pasture, but there are bigger / better faster 1 chip solutions like Nvidia's Nforce - some of thme have PhysX support LOL...

Imagine an 060 marries to an integrated Nforce Chipset - it coud have all of the above an more...

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