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Originally Posted by Jgames View Post
Your scanlines doesn't look good, some are bigger than the other, they are not uniform.
This kind of wrong looks, i tend to get it all the time with a lot of emulators and only in fullscreen mode.
I tend to have the best results when using the LCD native resolution.
Toni, do you know why this happens? thx.
If I understand you correctly, you don't use your LCDs native resolution?

If that's so, it's the cause for the non-uniform scanlines. I didn't touch these. Try the native resolution instead. if that's a 16:10 res everything should work fine. If not, you have to crop (for 4:3) or extend (for 16:9) the bezel in photoshop or something similar. At least for now.

Toni might implement a solution for this eventually (see his post above).
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