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Originally posted by Korodny
Oh shit. Honestly I didn't recognise it as a joke.... /me turns dark red and runs away...
Shame on you! This was your chance to poke fun at me
Well, even if MediaPoint wouldn't support FW, it would still support output to an animation file. You could just drag that to a CDRW and take it everywhere
from my work experience I can tell you that most places that have big screens, videowalls or the like, DO NOT have computers attached to the video setup... Only VCRs or DVDs. So taking a CD to them would mean pish all.
Then again... i could of export as uncompressed video, and then output to DV. Or something.
Only thing MediaPointRTG needs is DV codec support. Then you can firewire straight into the cam .
If MPRTG supports some sort of "export plugins" that means that, even if the program does not support it de factor, someone could code a DV exporting plugin or something...
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