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Funny, I mentioned location being an issue, and all your links are ebay UK..


Oh, one other thing. I remember reading about A1200's needing "fixes" to be able to work with CPU/RAM cards? Might this be an issue or would a properly designed board be able to work on all A1200's?

I can see how they couldn't hit the price point for an inexpensive RAM card.
But a CPU/RAM board will cost more. The more it costs, the smaller the audience. And, the smaller the audience, the more you have to sell it for to make it worth while. Which makes it likely that it would be a higher end CPU/RAM board.

My issue there is, one, not sure I want to spend that much (however much that is). :-)
And, with things like FPGA Arcade coming out (??), might that be a better solution for not much more than the CPU/RAM board.

Although, if they sell higher end CPU/RAM boards and people start selling their 8M RAM cards on e-bay (US) to make way and the price on those comes down, I'm all for it!

Trickle down electronics manufacturing! Hmm.. well, maybe that wasn't the right phrase, but.. :-)


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