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If you decide on an accelerator, I have noticed a few hardware guys on IRC and various Amiga forums talking about how they'd love to get their hands on some new A1200 edge connectors, so I'm sure you could sell those off as spare parts to help cover the MOQ.

I'd also like to point out to everyone who is interested in A1200 8MB RAM cards that it is not essential for the design to rely on jumpers or a keypress to disable part of the RAM. The DKB 1202 uses a small command in the Startup-Sequence that detects if the PCMCIA slot is in use, and if it is the card reduces the RAM from 8MB to 5.5MB automatically.

Also, a 8MB RAM card is perfect for WHDLoad games and is fine for using your A1200 online or for coding, pixel art, music composition and other productivity software. Until a few months ago my main Amiga for the last 4 years has been an A1200 with 8MB FastRAM, so I think it's a fine setup for the general Amiga user who these days won't do much more than play WHDLoad games. I figure if you want to use AmigaOS with as much power as you can get, use UAE, Amithlon, Aros, MorphOS or AmigaOS4 on newer hardware. They will run all the software that actually takes advantage of a faster CPU much faster than any real Amiga. Or if you're after some sort of hybrid solution using FPGAs emulating a 68k softcore, the Natami is coming along quite nicely and already has more software developers working on games for it than any other Amiga system except maybe classics if you include Aminet game uploaders.

Of course, if AmigaKit manages to find stock of some 030-060 CPUs to build new accelerators that's fantastic, those would surely be just as welcome as a RAM card if the cost isn't going to be too much higher. It's plain to see that both products are in demand, even if not everyone can understand why.
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