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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Also note that Catweasel can either read/write to disk from internal RAM or internal RAM is copied to/from host PC, both can't be done simultaneously. Which makes real-time emulation practically impossible (without keeping emulation paused most of the time..)
One of the features of the Mark IV is dual-ported memory... or is this not supported in software yet?

Disk side switching should be instant but because USB and software is packet based, some data is still in buffers that must be flushed. Now we have the problem, it takes some time before disk side switching gets to the drive and first data arrives from drive. Only 100% compatible solution is to pause the emulation until data arrives. (we are again in "sync")
Wouldn't you be at the wrong place anyways? Seems to me like the difference in signalling time between an actual Amiga and it's floppy vs. USB/PCI would be enough that you would never get the side/track change at exactly the same time (hell, you might even change sides too fast!). Though I suppose a good protection method would never be so strict, since no two Amigas are going to be exactly synchronized either....

So copy protected discs are pretty much a wash, but unprotected stuff and cracked games (that don't use their own fastloaders or any custom methods) should work?
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