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Originally posted by Akira
sorry man, I was actually making fun of myself and my previous A1 comments, don't you understand a joke?
Oh shit. Honestly I didn't recognise it as a joke.... /me turns dark red and runs away...

Why? well, I could export presentatins DIRECTLY to DV without loss of quality! It's stupid to take an Amiga everywhere if I can tape what it does and take it to places...
VHS sucks, but DV rocks, so if MSRTG supports DV, I could get KICKASS presentations NO other program can deliver!

See my point?
Ah, now I understand you. Well, even if MediaPoint wouldn't support FW, it would still support output to an animation file. You could just drag that to a CDRW and take it everywhere OS4 has Mount Rainier support, that means you can use a CDRW as a floppy (just save your files from MediaPointRTG to CDRW).
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