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Monitor Bezel

This isn't exactly a problem (more the opposite), but I couldn't find a general WinUAE forum.

I played a little bit with the new overlay (bezel-) support. Since I don't have an Amiga monitor anymore and I couldn't find any decent photos on the web for further processing, I decided to build a 3D-version and render one myself.

I took some liberties, namely somewhat smaller borders around the screen and an uncommon aspect ratio, which I think is well suited for playing most games (which come in many aspect ratios) more or less 'fullscreen'.

To the bezel I added an unobtrusive screen reflection and some onscreen shadow to give the output a some more depth. The latter one might be a bit unrealistic, but it looks nice.

Used in conjunction with filtering and a scanline/aperture mask one can achieve a pretty nice, very analogue looking output on even the latest LCD screens.

Here's how it works:

1. Download the latest WinUAE beta
2. Download the from thw WinUAE website
3. Download the bezel form here:
4. Copy the files from to either WinUAEs data directory (on Win7 that would be C:/Users/Public/Documents/Amiga Files/WinUAE/)
5. Important: rename the 'overlays' folder to 'masks'
6. create a new overlays folder
7. copy the bezel image to the new 'overlays' folder
8. Open/Start WinUAE in fullscreen mode, use D3D! (Miscellaneous Page)
9. go the the filters page. If you've done everything correctly you should be able to select the bezel image as an overlay now.
10. Scale the image until it fits the bezel.
11. Additionally play around with various filters and/or scanline masks until you find something you like.

If I find the time, I might work on this little project some more, so if you have any special wishes, please post them here. Although I make no promises to do anything more than this at all.

UPDATE 06.08.10

The bezel is available in three four flavors now. For 16:10 (same as before), 16:9, 4:3 and 5:4 resolutions:


The 5:4 version isn't quite optimal since below the screen it's pretty obvious that the monitor model isn't complete. But, hey, it's for free.

Additional updates will most likely follow (a 1084 with its original 4:3 AR for example).

Screenshots of the thing in action:

Have fun!

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