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Originally Posted by waal View Post
You don't even give any single example of troubleshooting or any idea so we can try to find a fix or improve this port.
I gave a load of feedback when the WinUAEx source code was originally released about how to fix the border emulation. Regularly the border colour is wrong. This was an un-emulated feature in that version of WinUAE which was fixed later. I isolated the change and I *think* I posted the diff and never got any feedback. I wasn't really expecting any at the time as no-one was working on it.

Originally Posted by waal View Post
Why absolutely update this core ? Please be more specific.
I've been specific before, not to the code level but listed some games and demos worst affected and listed (where I could find) the change log in the different releases of WinUAE where these things are identified as fixed.

Originally Posted by waal View Post
At least show some respect.
I gave credit and said thanks over at Xbox-Scene, but yeah.

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