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Wow, I didn't realise they were so big and built like tanks!!!! Very nice machine to own - I would have loved the bragging rights as a kid to own one of those!

Excellent post - thanks for the pics. You can get some Sharpe x68 EMU's for those who want to try it out.

This was basically an arcade board in your home, same duel 68000 CPU's as capcom CPS boards, but it it cost an absolute fortune back in the day - probably why it was never sold abroad.

As such it was perfect for arcade ports, much better suited than the Amiga which mainly had poor ports, but didn't have the range of quality games we came to enjoy. Plus the Amiga has better sounding music, but not as many channels.

Arcade and console style games - this was the king! However you won't find Super Cars, Hybris, Speedball, Turrican, Stuntcar Racer etc or any of those kind of cult games on the system.

I think overall the Amiga was the better all round machine, but the Sharpe had the specs to impress!

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