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Originally Posted by MethodGit View Post
Another question...... is there a particular reason that X86 isn't used more often in computing/gaming platforms? Seems as if Xbox (and 360?) is the only known console platform to not use C, or at least Xbox emulator authors don't use it by the looks of things. I'm not sure if stuff like the PSP/PS2 is supposed to be more Linux-based what with its use of ELFs and what not...
I'm sure you could get a C compiler for Xbox, you can get them even for Lynx IIRC...

Oh how I would wish for M$ to just bring out an Xbox handheld already...... and watch the hackers turn it inside out for mass homebrew glory.
I'm sure M$ would do their best to brick it at every opportunity. Xbox sux. There are already open handheld platforms, eg. GP32, so why pay M$ more money for their proprietary bug-ridden crap?
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