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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Does everyone not think that there are enough A1200 8Mbyte RAM cards out there?
Judging by the response here, it's pretty obvious that there is a shortage of A1200 8M RAM cards available at reasonable prices.

Just hang about on Amibay and the most common new post is a RAM card for a 1200; or even watch them fly by at prices rivaling CPU/RAM cards on e-bait to see that..

Now, maybe in your neck of the woods, people are rolling in 8M RAM cards..
Using them for kindling and spacers to stop the table from rocking, but that's not the case worldwide...

Yes, for all those people who already have 40's or faster (or a boatload of 60's in their drawer), it's silly.

But there are a LOT of people who just want a good Amiga 1200 that can run WHDLoad, and an 8M RAM card fits that bill. (Even if it's only 5.5M with PCMCIA enabled.) A lot of WHDLoad games run with just 2M fast RAM.
I would think a REALLY cheap 4M Fast RAM card would be nice, as it would allow most WHDLoad games to run, but I'm guessing (????) that there wouldn't be much cost savings leaving off 4M?

I could be wrong, but it certainly feels like a Fast RAM card would appeal to the largest crowd, if it's at the right price point.
Now, a CPU/RAM card would be great too, but you start pushing the price point, you start shrinking the customer base..

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