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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
I'm curious to know what core changes they've made. Most of the other emulators these guys have released are GUI upgrades only.

Reading this they've not changed anything. Fixed one memory leak in HD emulation

I suppose anything is better than nothing.
A lot of work and patience have been necessary for this update considering the xbox limitations (64mb RAM, PIII 700mhz...).
This build offers a very stable experience (remember when the xbox freezes ?) which wasn't the case with the previous version released... three years ago. And this project isn't only about eye candy but also about user experience.
Also, we all know that the compatibility rate is already excellent for games. Even some AGA titles tend to be slow...

Please take time to read the change log and think before talking. This is not the first time I see you bitching about this subject here and there.
I'm disapointed. I expected more openness and you to be more constructive. You don't even give any single example of troubleshooting or any idea so we can try to find a fix or improve this port.
Why absolutely update this core ? Please be more specific.
But maybe you should try to update the core yourself ? But I'm not sure it's so easy.

At least show some respect.

And sorry guys for the intrusion. But I think you can understand...

By the way, for you xboxers:

See you

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