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Big grin Wish Jim Was Still Here...

Hi folks

I have for the past few days been running this thread on, dare I say it... another Amiga forum...

Now while it has caused quite a lot of laughs it has also brought out some rather strange political ramblings from fellow Amigans across the pond, in the good ole U S of A.

So I thought I would give it a go here and see what reaction it brings, The intention of it is meant to be humorous, but as I have said it's brought out some very, very strange comment's from across the pond...

Way back in the mid 70's here in the UK, There used to be a BBC program Called 'Jim'll Fix It'.
The program for those of you too young to remember or from other parts of the world, went out early evening every Saturday on the BBC.

It was a program where kid's wrote in to this long white haired middle aged hippy guy called Jim, who always had a big fat cigar in his mouth, asking him to make their wish or dream come true. If Jim read out your letter he did indeed make many a kids (and some adults) dreams come true.

Their wishes were anything from a 5 year old wanting to drive an F1 car round Brands Hatch, to a 12 year old little girl wanting to go sky diving with the Red Devils, and anything else their tiny little hearts desired. Jim always made there dreams come true and we all watched with jealous little eyes at all these other kids getting to do things we all wanted to do.

Now what's this got to do with the Amiga you may ask.

Well I've often thought that if 'Jim'll Fix It' was still around then I could send him the following letter and make my dream come true...

Dear Jim'll Fix It

Could you please fix it for me to have the Amiga back on top of the computing world again where it truly belongs. You see since the idiots and greedy people at Commodore ran the company into the ground and destroyed the very foundation of our beloved Amiga, the computing world has been taken over by the horrible and nasty Mickysoft PeeCee's and the overpriced overrated Crapple Macs.

Now Jim if you could fix it so that all the great people who developed and created the Amiga could have a nice new factory and technical facilities and unlimited funds, then myself and all the other true little Amigan's still hiding in the dark corners of cyberspace, could all rush out and buy brand new up to date world beating Amiga's with all our saved up pocket money and put the Amiga back where it belongs as King Of All the Computer World.

Please Jim, Can You Fix It For Me.

Franko, aged 45 and a bit

What would your Amiga related wish be to Jim...


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