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Apple is clearly seeing this in the Mac too, but they're in a far better position to do somethign about it.
Probably because they're no "euro-geeks", right? Boy, you don't have that -> <- much of a clue. What's the difference between licensing and tweaking a PPC based reference design (AmigaOne) and doing the same with a POWER based reference design?

It's either AmigaOne+OS4 or no OS4 at all. It's that easy.
And herein lies the problem I outlined. Thank you for making it even clearer.
You still owe me an explanation why "they" suck? If you agree that the "quick buck" that is made with the AmigaOne hardware is neccessary to make OS4 reality, why does somebody "suck" then? Does Apple suck (they need their custom hardware base as much as we need it)?

I never said PPC sucked. Please read the post again. I said that the PPC architecture appears to be nearing the end of its lifespan.
Still you bought a Mac (probably a G4, as you're running OSX). Isn't that stupid if Power4 based machines will be available next week?

Well, maybe they won't be available next week (or next year, for that matter)?

No matter how you twist it, Apple does suck as much as Amiga/Hyperion/Eyetech (both want to sell you PPC based computers right now) and you are as stupid as me (as we bought such a computer).
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