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I don't say that somebody should buy the AmigaOne just because it's labeled Amiga - that would be stupid.

I just think that comments like the one from Akira are childish.


1) No Amiga name attached to it. So no hard feelings and whining like "WHYDAFEG DOSNAE PLAY TURRICANE DREI?"
Yeah, and that's childish, sorry

2) Firewire baby! This will be AWESOME for video developers like us. I hope Mediapoint RTG supports the firewire port!
MediaPointRTG is a "Scala-Beater", I don't know why it should support the FireWire-Port (i.e. I've got no idea why, because I'm pretty clueless when it comes to DV)? I don't know if it has Firewire support, I'm just wondering?

Maybe you're confusing it with Motionstudio? That's a non-linear DV editing suite. This one has Firewire support of course.

Of course OS4 will support Firewire too. On your sound card, your ATI all-in-wonder, on a seperate PCI card or whereever else a FireWire port is included these days...
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