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Originally Posted by Franko View Post
Bought 2 of these SATA adapters and the read/write transfer rates were way too slow.
Define slow. Not just the Amiga PATA interface? When I tried one I got the same speed as native PATA disks. Start a new thread about it and shove in some pictures of the chip on the adapter and I'll try and advise. (I design these things)

Originally Posted by Franko View Post
I use an internal SUBWAY USB board on my A1200 but that hasn't been upgraded in years from USB1.1, I think its only a matter of the controller chips needing updated
Not possible. The Subway uses the A1200 clock port and that is the bottle neck. It is not capable of the bandwidths of "High Speed" USB devices. You could make a High Speed host controller which connected to A1200 clock port but the speeds would not improve very much, if at all. Oh and btw Subway is not USB1.1 It is a "Low Speed" USB2.0 host controller. (I work for the company who supply the chips for Subway!)

Originally Posted by Cammy View Post
Hey guys, the Subway is already USB 2.0 compatible, it just doesn't have High Speed mode. And the Subway performs better when plugged into a Zorro board with a Clockport on it, like the X-Surf, so I think the lack of High Speed mode may be because the A1200's Clockport just couldn't handle it.
D'oh! Wish I'd ready this first. Yes Cammy is right.

Originally Posted by Franko View Post
I am sure Elbox are selling new USB2 board for the A4000
Yeah but this uses the A4000 Zorro III bus. The A1200 has nothing comparable. Any USB2.0 high speed host controller for A1200 would have to connect directly to the CPU.

Originally Posted by coze View Post
an accelerator board with somekind of FPGA running softcore 68k. Funding of individuals (no pun intended) like tobias gunther or yakub to develop a stable and fast 68k softcore.
While very possible, the FPGA's of today (capable of taking these designs) seem to cost many times more than the equivalent 68k CPU.

Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
coze could well be on the right track with the soft core 68k, then again many of us already have real 060's.
Certainly you could never get anywhere near the speed of on 040 or 060 with todays FPGAs at anywhere close to $65 (The price of an MC68060RC50 E41J on Ebay). Certainly couldn't get anywhere near the speed of an 060 run at 90Mz with SDRAM. This may become more practical as years go by. Certainly worth thinking about for the future.

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