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Well, bug of Gryban is very easy to fix... if i know what to do.

Problem is : he is level 35 paladin. He has 47250 experience.
But this value would make him a level 22 paladin only !
To be of level 35, he needs to reach 113400 xp.
This is why he doesn't gain levels : you first have to collect enough xp to at least get to level 35 (that's more than 60000 points !).

Either he was really meant to be a little bit rusty when you first wake him and so he needs to be somewhat trained before any further progression can take place (would be a design fault IMO), or at least one of the values is just
plain wrong (which is what i think).

I can fix both values : level and experience. I can even fix saved games so you won't have to start over. But i need to know which one is wrong and what was really intended !
Perhaps alexh has some clue here ?
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