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Who cares about a shitty 8MB ram expansion, half of which will need to be disabled to use PCMCIA. What a waste of time.

As usual, alexh has hit the nail right on the head with the 68060 board with SDRAM controller. Obviously it should have an expansion port for future upgrades such as RTG or SCSI. Might as well support 68040 as well.

Zetr0's idea of the clockport network card is interesting, is reaching PCMCIA speeds at all feasible?

Originally Posted by Paul_s
b) Amnesty of all RF modulators on every Amiga model for a big bonfire on the 5th November (can include those pesky barrel batteries which should add some more excitement to the flames)

f) Selling me your stash of 'Individual Computer - Access's' (money, woman, cheque book, cute dog waiting) (actually dunno if I could part with the dog)...

Originally Posted by Paul_s
g) A 2MB SRAM card (gotta fill those holes up!)
Sounds like something my ex would say..
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