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Hey guys, the Subway is already USB 2.0 compatible, it just doesn't have High Speed mode. And the Subway performs better when plugged into a Zorro board with a Clockport on it, like the X-Surf, so I think the lack of High Speed mode may be because the A1200's Clockport just couldn't handle it.

I agree with a lot of people here that there needs to be a new 8MB RAM card for the A1200 with FPU socket, Real-Time Clock, and auto-configuring to 5.5MB when the PCMCIA slot is in use. Then the design should be modified and used to make a similar CD32 expansion (obviously without the PCMCIA/5.5MB thing) which should at least include a Clockport on it.

I'd also love to see new Clockport expansions to go on my new 4-Port Clockport expander! A new MP3 player or sound card, or sound card with built-in MP3 decoding would be perfect, as would an Amiga-compatible Ethernet or Wireless card.

It's already been pointed out in this thread, and is complained about endlessly everywhere else, that we need another way of accessing CF/SD cards while still being online, so a Clockport network card would be excellent, especially considering that compatible PCMCIA network cards can only be bought second hand, but PCMCIA card readers are available brand new.
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