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Originally Posted by alexh View Post

Already exists. Google for 2.5" PATA to SATA adapters.

Can you not write DVD's with MakeCD or other Amiga burning software in ISO9660 bridge mode?
Bought 2 of these SATA adapters and the read/write transfer rates were way too slow.

I have read that some folk have managed to burn DVD's using MakeCD but I can't get it to work and MakeCD ISO creating routine is limited to less than 1Gb of data. Tried FryingPan but never managed to get it to burn a disk without errors, also its limited to 4GB ISO files, AmiDVD works fine but it's OS4 only and I don't like using OS4 on my set up. That why I wrote my own DVD Burning/ Ripping software. Runs on OS3.1 to 3.9, no 4GB limit (ie:can burn full disk, approx 4.34Gb or 8.3GB DL), can burn DVD +/- R & RW and can burn and Rip Dual Layer disks.

A proper working SATA board for the Amiga would and will be needed as most HD/DVD manufacturers are phasing out IDE/ATAPI production and in the next couple of years the only new drives produced will be SATA.

I don't want an external USB 2 interface, I use an internal SUBWAY USB board on my A1200 but that hasn't been upgraded in years from USB1.1, I think its only a matter of the controller chips needing updated as I am sure Elbox are selling new USB2 board for the A4000

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