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A1200 wish list.


I think the 8MB FAST RAM ugrader would be a good seller if you can bring it in on a low price target - and thats where the difficulty might be to be honest - MOQ's for the connector alone could seriously bring this project to its knees before it begins.

perhaps a way to offset this would be to add features to the card, alas this would add complexity - hense design and manufactoring costs, but some nice features would be

1. Auto PCMCIA recognizable (if a card is detetect only 5.5.MB of the 8MB is allocated)
2. PLCC / PGA FPU option (with external clock)

you could reduce the costs by using a simple 5volt tollerant CPLD with about 80 Macrocells - this would provide the memory arbitration as well run the startup-autoconfig code from either an EPROM or Flash CHIP.

This leads to another feature that could be added bearing on the size of the flash and complexity of the board, but you could offer the addition of shaddow kickrom in Flash RAM thats user updateable and can be either jumpered OFF or have it ignore "kick from flash" on a right or left mouse button sense

all these designs have been implemented and documented in one form or another, so it would really need a few months developement stitching it all together and prototyping it - run out the bugs etc. to be honest with a good developer you could have a workable product in about 9 months.

Other ideas for low-cost upgrades for the A1200
  • 3 Slot Zorro2 BusBoard adapter (could be bundled with tower kits)
  • clockport sound card
  • clockport network card (this could then be used on any Amiga with a Clockport)
  • clockport to MIDI adapter
  • a HcX SD/CF type device in an external floppy drive chassis (it would look awesome)
  • Infrared Adapter (clips to keyboard mpu) comes with Amiga Remote (can be user programed)
  • PSX/XBOX joypad converter to Amiga Joy
  • PCMCIA to USB 1.1 (compatible with both the sirlion and analise USB stacks)

Most of these ideas have some ground work and theory available via aminet or through an open linux community - this should help you ascertain if any of these projects would be viable.
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