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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
No, it does not replace or emulate DF0: or other drives.
So how does it actually work then? Reading the document I linked to earlier, it seems to show up as CAT:... but what can be done with it? Will it read and write just as if it were any other device, or is it limited to simple file copying?

In theory (when/if writing is supported) KryoFlux can be emulate DF0: better than CW because of streaming capability but it can never be perfect (=emulation has to be paused while waiting for real drive in some situations, mainly when emulating protections)

It won't be trivial to implement, not sure if anyone bothers with it. (It would be interesting task but also extremely boring..)
Is this planned for UAE at some point, or is this all just hypothetical based on the design of the hardware? I would have thought that modern hardware like the Catweasel and KryoFlux would be fast enough to process/serve data within the time window that the emulated Amiga would expect (at least when talking about "standard" file access)... but I suppose using a non-real-time operating system prevents any guarantees about this.
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