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a) A proper retail channel for selling 'HxC floppy emulator' so people are not paying high prices for them (will cover all Amiga's this too and lots of other floppy type devices = big bucks for FOL's pent house )

b) Amnesty of all RF modulators on every Amiga model for a big bonfire on the 5th November (can include those pesky barrel batteries which should add some more excitement to the flames)

c) Amiga Keyboard/computer dust cover made from 100% Egyptian cotton embossed with original Amiga logo.

d) A 8MB RAM card for the CD32 (hey, the port is almost identical to the 1200's )

e) A 'bridge' so I can mount a 1200 board in my A500 for it to become the ultimate Amiga (someone made a prototype yonks ago, so can AmigaKit )

f) Selling me your stash of 'Individual Computer - Access's' (money, woman, cheque book, cute dog waiting) (actually dunno if I could part with the dog)...

g) A 2MB SRAM card (gotta fill those holes up!)

h) Can't think of anything else.
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