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  • A 68060 card which takes SDRAM and can run at 90-100MHz target price £150 without 060 (so people can upgrade what they got)
  • High Quality automon monitor switcher. Preferably internal design for A1200T (perhaps even A3000/A4000 too) possibly A1200D. Designed and tested with Indivision AGA, Flicker/Scan Magic & BVision/CVision, Voodoo3, 5, Radeon 9600 etc.
  • A replacement internal HDD cradle with screw holes in the right place for modern 2.5" hard drive. Made in quality steel with rounded edges. I'd like to get rid of the elastic band in my A600!
  • Professional paint spraying service for A1200 cases (all Amigas?) in different colours (or just black?) Send in your old case and get a painted one back.
  • Replacement key caps in different colours to match above (or just black) with screen printed lettering in original font (save butchering CDTV Keyboards!)
  • Retr0bright kits including chemicals, a tray, UV bulb and some mechanism to keep the keys etc under the solution
  • Replacement C= Commodore A1200 badges for Amiga Technologies A1200's

Originally Posted by Franko View Post
A board that can support SATA DVD/HD Drives...
Already exists. Google for 2.5" PATA to SATA adapters.

Originally Posted by Franko View Post
A USB 2 interface would be cool..
Not practical. There are no A1200 external interfaces capable of USB2 speeds. It would need to clip to the CPU and there are too many different turbo boards. Not to mention screwing the height of most of them.

Only possibility would be for Amiga Kit to find a source of alternate USB2 PCI cards (different to Spider USB to avoid any complications with Elbox) and to sponsor the development of drivers for Poseidon (perhaps pay Chris Hodges?).

What would be adventurous would be for AmigaKit to develop (or approach an ODM to develop) a PCI USB3 card. I could name all the chips required, the hardware design would be simple (no FPGAs). It would just need lots of software development. But they could perhaps sell outside Amiga market, for systems without PCI Express.

Originally Posted by Franko View Post
I could even write you a DVD burner prog to go with it (might help you sell some more DVD drives !!!)...
Can you not write DVD's with MakeCD or other Amiga burning software in ISO9660 bridge mode?

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