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Originally Posted by View Post
Please keep suggestions realistic and please don't suggest Indivision 1200 ;-)
Phased plamsa rifle in the 40 watt range...

Oh, I know.. an Indivision 1200..

:-) I really am bad.. And I actually laugh at these.. Wow! Sad really..

Honestly, it HAS to be some type of memory/CPU expansion...

What I see people asking about on the forums more than anything are memory expanders for their 1200's...
I ended up getting a 2M SRAM card for my 1200 for now (Yes, I know it slows things down) just so I could use WHDLOAD better and not spend too much on a RAM/CPU card, but I plan on upgrading to ???.

Yes, a CPU/Memory expander would also fit the bill, but those are usually much too expensive... The problem with the RAM cards is that they cost almost as much as the CPU cards...

If it would be feasible to come out with a sub $100 new 8M RAM card (the more sub, the better :-) that doesn't conflict with the PCMCIA range, that would be great.

Now, a CPU/RAM card would also be great, but they are fairly readily available used for $160-$200 (USD). So, it might be tricky to compete. Also, getting faster CPUs new is tricky from what I hear. Some type of card with RAM and CPU all in FPGA or ??? would be interesting, but I'm not sure cost effective..

Now, getting LESS believable, a CPU/RAM card with USB on it (with a cable that takes the USB to the back panel of the 1200 and a USB stack, all for under $200.. Now we're cooking with GAS.. :-)

Just thinking out loud.

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