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Originally posted by Burseg
What's wrong with romcenter? It sometimes recognizes directories as zip files and messes up nested directories within them but if you know this bug, it's quite an useful tool.

Eh, I already said what is wrong with it anyway.
Burseg, COME ON !

I want to convert my first user !

Ditch RomCenter....go ClrMAMEPro.

Copy a small romset and try it out, if you're worried about screwing things up.

PM me if you need help with the basics.

P.S. It seems to me with full ZIP checking/fixing, scanning & fixing a set is quicker than just scanning a set in RomCenter that is unzipped !

It's like real quick.

OK - I kid you if I say you blink and it scan's, but I'd say it's 3 times quicker than RomCenter. Plus this updates more to let you see what it is doing rather than RC which appears to fall asleep.
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