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Originally Posted by Ze_ro View Post
[*]Does this actually work the way I hope it will? Like, will I be able to start up WinUAE, put in an Amiga formatted 880k disk with Dungeon Master on it, and play it?
No, it does not replace or emulate DF0: or other drives.

[*]Will I be able to read AND write to the disks from the emulator?
Yes but only on Workbench.

[*]What about protected disks?
Yes and no. No one has written software to do it.

[*]If I connect the Catweasel to both a 3.5" and a 5.25" drive, can WinUAE be configured to use one and VICE use the other without having to swap the cable around? (I don't mean to run both emulators simultaneously, I just don't want to have to keep the case open).
Should be possible, it supports two drives.

[*]Seeing as there are no 64-bit drivers (yet), should I build this new computer around Win XP, or is there some way to get them to work under a 64-bit Windows 7?
Windows 7 32-bit is better choice than XP. 64-bit drivers are supposedly coming someday..

[*]I'm aware of the KryoFlux, but it seems geared entirely towards preservation... are there any plans to use it to read/write disks in emulators?
In theory (when/if writing is supported) it can be emulate DF0: better than CW because of streaming capability but it can never be perfect (=emulation has to be paused while waiting for real drive in some situations, mainly when emulating protections)

It won't be trivial to implement, not sure if anyone bothers with it. (It would be interesting task but also extremely boring..)
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