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Great idea!!!

Unfortunatly i have lost the parallel to apple cable, but i've tried with a Mannesmann Tally 81 parallel printer ( the only other printer i own... it's works from 1990 ).
So what i've done to test it:

Firstable, i have removed the driver from the control panel.

After verifyng that amiga printer was set to epson X, a double click on cmd and another one on Graphic Dump.
I've copied the ram:cmd_file to the hard disk ( a directory for Xperience )
Then i've tried from shell:

Copy cmd_file par:

But nothing happened.

So i quitted winuae, i opened a prompt command ( the one included in Win ), i moved to the cmd_file ( wow! now even windows has the name completion....... what a great progress! ) and i have typed:

copy cmd_file lpt1:

and the printer printed.

Without the driver!!

For the apple i'll try as soon as the cable arrives.

Thank you a lot.
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