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I only want to create an Amiga-harddisk in WinUAE (and this treat says it is possible) so that i can copy the harddisk of my Amiga1000 on this "virtual" harddisk and eventualy can start workbench from this HD.
In the Harddrives page of WinUAE there are three buttons, the easiest on the left, becoming more complicated to the right.

Click on "Add Directory or Archive", then on "Select Directory" and select a directory which should be used as a harddrive in WinUAE. The directory will immediately appear on Workbench.

Or click on "Add Hardfile", enter a number in the size field next to "Create" and click on "Create", enter a file name and click on Ok, then enter the same file name in to the topmost field. Workbench will show it as "NDOS" and you need to format it before you use it.

Or click on "Add Hardfile" as above, but before you add it, click on "Enable RDB Mode". This way a harddrive will be emulated exactly as on a real Amiga, i.e. nothing will show on Workbench but you have to run HDToolbox and create some partitions first.

Or click on "Add Harddrive" and select a real physical harddrive for use with WinUAE. Before you do this, you have to remove all PC partitions from it. In Workbench it behaves just like the RDB-mode HDF, i.e. you need to create Amiga partitions with HDToolbox.

Or click on "Add Harddrive", select a physical harddrive which already contains Amiga partitions and click on "Create image file". The image file is a backup of your Amiga harddrive and can be used as RDB-mode HDF in WinUAE.
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