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Actually, I've got a memory of reading a mention of something software or games-related a while back (though to be fair, it could have been an old text and, er, *cough* an unreliable memory). French toast, please!

A quick search didn't return any reminders for me, but I did find a rather cool interview over at Digital Press. If that interview is anything to go by, Mr. Warshaw will be very busy indeed! I haven't yet noted a publishing date on the piece, but it's clear that the interview is several years old (his 'Once Upon Atari' video was in production at the time). In any case, I hadn't seen the interview before and found it interesting, pertinent and... saddening as the talk moved to marketing and 'box-fitting'. It's a decades-old phenomenon (for just one far-from-unusual example, see: Atari in the early '80s!) and I suppose things have improved a touch recently through download services and direct selling but viewing from a distance as a now only occasional gamer, it does look and feel pretty bad to me as I see line after line of 'Yet Another <insert genre> Game'. I could have said that just as easily in 1984 and I certainly don't intend to suggest anything of the quality of modern games (they weren't - shock! - all good back then, either!), but it felt and still seems like there was a greater portion of non-clone games than is the case today. Oh well, it all comes around and goes up 'n' down - and fingers crossed, the great games don't disappear or become unplayable and new ones that aren't unimaginative retreads or entirely marketing-lead will appear from time to time. Hey, there's thousands of good or great titles behind us - it's always good!

Short answer without digression: "I don't know but would like to, and would be happy to hear that a man with such a creative and active mind can find the incentive and a place in the gaming scene today."
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