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In the off chance that this will be of help to you, this shell code should convert all files in current directory into wav format using a tool that I think is installed by default in most Linux distributions. It assumes that everything that is not obviously an IFF file is a signed 8-bit mono raw sample recorded at 16574Hz and appends .wav into the output filename.

for file in *; do
if [ "$(head -c4 "$file")" = "FORM" ]; then
sox "$file" "${file}.wav"
sox -t raw -r 16574 -b -s -c 1 "$file" "${file}.wav"
As discussed above, the rate that the sample has been recorded with can not be deduced from the file and playback rate is determined by the note in the module. I did not read the spec, but also suspect that IFF 8SVX does not record the actual sample rate but an amiga-specific number of ticks between samples. The rate used here is calculated from the C-3 note (214) on a PAL machine like this:

3546895/214 = 16574

But an NTSC machine would play it slightly faster:

3579545/214 = 16726

The only IFF sample on ST-01 is strings6, and converted by sox it becomes the latter so sox may assume NTSC. If you want the NTSC throughout, use 16726 instead of 16574.
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