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Question [Found: Hocus Pocus (PC DOS)] Game with Merlin like wizard

Hello all,

I am looking for a game I used to play when I was a lot younger.
I dont remember much about it (), but I do know that I loved to play it and it's driving me crazy not to know the name of that game! Hehe.

Game: You are a Merlin like wizard in a blue rope, I believe it was in a castle or dungeon with brown or golden bricks you had to walk on.
You could collect golden keys, and I believe also potions.

It had long hallways, that looked like this: (<-copy and paste )

And the wizard/druid that looked like the one in the picture only from the side. you could controle it with your keyboard arrows.

The game started with big Golden letters I believe. I have looked for it everywhere and I cant find it...

It is not:

- Wizard 101
- Young Merlin
- Merlin's Castle
- Merlin's Legacy
- Spherical
- Gnome
- Apprentice
- Woody's World

I hope somebody knows what game I am talking about, if not thanx anyway

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