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It's not frustrating - It's challenging, I can only get around 52% at the moment but I'm working things out slowly... I thought the positioning of the "baddies" in rocking woods was a bit more nasty to be honest (42 and I still use the word Baddies - give me strength)

In RW things would be behind you when you turned around and there is not so much of that kind of thing in this level... you know when you shoot something you then turn only to be faced by something else - that often takes me by surprise... so a few more baddies here and there wouldn't have gone a miss - that's my first thought.

The original Fortesque Mansion levels are really tough I think.

Puzzles are good in this TCD - makes you want to play it again - 82% is the best so far right?

I have been through it a few times and now I understand it is a stand alone I haven't seen any errors so far.
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