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TCD - going to be a bit difficult to describe this but I completed the PTT level exiting at exit C - I only got around 50% pickups - the next level started which I assume is Rocking Woods and I found myself immediately facing an exit (B) puzzled, I walked straight through it and the level finished immediately - it took me to the level/party total screen where it obviously stated 0% I pressed fire to take me to the next level but in fact I got put back into the PTT level... now I am going from square to circle tele-porting - yet to find a route back out the level...

update - because the nodes are already activated from my first visit, including the exit node - I don't think there is a way out form this state but havimg been thrown back into the level something is already wrong I guess...

Anyone else seen this?

Bit of a strange one - I am using beta2 - is that the latest... I will do a bit more testing today (first real chance I've had)

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