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Just my luck, there no continue option...
Just an arrow pointing to a trashcan under the incomplete queue item.

I know from experience though that an incomplete ISO image can still be burnt to DVD or on this mac mounted as a virtual disk. I don't know if your able to do that, cos if you could then you'd be able to check out which subdir contents are missing. (Then I would only have to upload the missing subdirs )

If I remember correctly the layout of ISO image and with the amount of missing bytes it look's to me like it would be the subdirs W,X,Y and Z that would have errors be, Or if I'm wrong it will be subdirs 0,A and B.

As there all in ADF format and archived with LZX then a quick LZX test on any files in these subdirs would reveal an error.

If you don't have the time to check it, Then I'll just start uploading the subdirs one at a time.


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