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For those who say that the PPC architecture is dying... that is quite possibly true. Nothing stays still for long. Intel are killing off the old x86 platform in favour of a new 64 bit processor series, incompatible with the x86 line. It should come as no great surprise to anybody. But until that technology appears at a reasonable price, it won't filter to the home desktop, and companies will keep producing for the mass market for the time being. If we wait to buy software for a platform that will never become obsolete... we're in for a long wait.

As to something being "Amiga hardware". Surely, the people who own the name, the patents and copyrights are entitled to call it an Amiga? Do you notice people saying that a Ford Escort isn't a Ford Escort because it bears no resemblence to the original 1960s version? Oh come on guys, that isn't how the world works.

All this bickering and name calling sucks!
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