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My collection is small but i loved every one:

ZX81[1982] +16k ram pack(oh those wobbles!)[1983]
Last known use coffe mat and then frisbie[1984ish] DOA

Atari 800XL[1986?] 64k and a suped-up 5.25 disk drive.
Cool games - Joust, Alternate Reality ,wizard of wor etc.
Last saw daylight 1993, it may still work? MIA

Amiga 600[1990] no HD but i had a load of top games!
Speedball2(killed 3 joysticks),SWOS,F1 grandprix etc.
I think i sold it to a friend or it's in storage somewhere? MIA

Amiga 1200(1995) +640MbHD.
Later added an Apollo 1230 card+16MB.half alive as i'm about to loose all the data on my harddrive . Although all my disk games work fine Takes pride of place next to my new......

XBOX - yeah i joined the console playing world.(My Miggy still wins hands down). It will be interesting to see what the non FPS/raceing games will be like on this platform.

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