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Hi folks

Spent all morning just trying to get the ISO image onto this iMac, eventually found some info and got it onto the HD. Then I had to scour the internet to find some sort of FTP server (thanks all, for the hints).

I only managed to find one about 30 mins ago that would run on this mac (OSX 10.4.11), just trying to figure out right now how to set it up and use it. Hopefully, very shortly I'll be able to begin the upload, reckon it might take a while cos the ISO is over 4Gb in size.

I wish my amiga was able to be online, cos my own DVD utils I wrote would have done it in half the time it took this ruddy iMac to do...

Anyway I'm going to head back to this Cyberduck prog and try and start the upload.

Cheers everyone

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