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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
This isn't true either.
Well, he probably meant bits are not jumbled within bytes, like bytes are within words on PC. Shift left still doubles the byte value, so writing a byte with the value 128 sends a 1 to D7, not D0 on the memory bus, whereas with big-endian insanity data lines are grouped and jumbled differently depending on the size of the data.

Anyway, I think someone had made a huge archive with all* ST-xx samples converted to IFF already? Presumably with the guidelines Stingray quoted.

If you doubt your converters, you can open the samples in a hex-editor or file editor - first four bytes should be the ascii "FORM". But it's not very likely converters made to read IFF files fail if that is so. It's much more likely the files are raw.

Edit: apparently big-endian according to Wikipedia is when the small values come at the end of the longword. You may substitute the endianness terms in my post with whatever term you want, main thing is that Intel uses the weird slash insane method of storing stuff in memory and everyone else uses the sane method. I'll check my records and see what the correct term is.

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