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problem with picasso96

I am currently trying to install picasso96 on my A2000 060.
Hardware setup
Tekmagic 060
Buddha ide with 160 gig hd only partioned for 4 gig at the moment and ceramics
Gvp spectrum
delfina liter
386 bridgeboard
The only software that is installed are Mui, BB1&2, Poseidon luciferin and abackup. I tryied to install the spectrum drivers that came with the card, but if I try to use any screen depth beyond 128 colours, the colour palette gets scrmbled. I have tried cybergraphx 3 with similar results. I thought that picasso96 may give me better results. I downloaded picasso962.1b did the install, but when I reboot, I don't get any of the new spectrum screen modes. I tried the checkerbord debug program it says I need to link a board. I tryed loading picasso96mode in the prefs directory and I highlight the entry on left had side of the screen and try to link the spectrum board to it, but the pull down menu only shows no board. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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