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I strongly disagree.
DMS is an outdated format, and can produce more errors. (the infamous errdms readerror)
This was fine back in the BBS-Days for archiving, but nowadays it's pointless, with Terabytes of HD-Space and Gigahertz's of Computing Power.
I did my first Disk-Backups with dms also, just to convert them later to ADF. And had to dump a few again, because of the mentioned errors.
Also the TOSEC project uses ADF's for archiving.
So please use ADF instead, really! Because even thousands of ADF-Diskimages uncompressed fit easily on a 4-8GB CF-Card


Use a standard A1200 with TSGui for dumping the "backup" disks.
It takes 40 seconds for one disk, and readerrors are very rare to nil if the disks themselfes are in good shape.
I would use the Kryoflux-Device only for Originals.

just my 2 cents, of course


Yes, please Upload your disk-collection to the EAB-Fileserver. The TOSEC Guys will take care of them

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