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Originally posted by Korodny
Your original complaint was "they suck, because they don't deliver". I asked you to explain that statement - but you simply come up with the next complaint "they suck because they force me to buy Amiga-Hardware". Grow up kid.
Read the post again. "They suck" has nothing to do with buying "Amiga hardware". There is no"Amiga hardware" here. It's only a mess of chips slapped together to form another hardware platform only they control for the sake of making a fast buck. Unfortunately they've chosen an architecture, which may be nearing the end of its lifespan. Apple is clearly seeing this in the Mac too, but they're in a far better position to do somethign about it.
It's either AmigaOne+OS4 or no OS4 at all. It's that easy. Amiga Inc. uses the licensing fees from Eyetech (AmigaOne) to pay for the OS development. No AmigaOne - no OS4.
And herein lies the problem I outlined. Thank you for making it even clearer.
And before you start another boring rant about how PPC hardware sucks, please explain me why you're using a Mac?
I never said PPC sucked. Please read the post again. I said that the PPC architecture appears to be nearing the end of its lifespan. Apple is desperately looking for an alternative because it's clear to them Motorola does not have any interest to compete in the desktop CPU arena at the same pace as Intel or AMD. A Power4 derivative with hypertransport may be the future for the Mac.
So where does that leave the older PPC architecture? At a dead end as far as any future development.

You're just a whiner, that's it.
And you are an inept toad.
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