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COP! (this will not be an easy one)

Some guy asked for this app, but I could not find it. on his own words:
Romrequest for Commodore Amiga
I'm looking for 'Cop' published by Markt & Technik a german distributor. 'Cop' is a disk backup utility somehow like diskmasher.
I can't find it in the TOSEC list, so i would be happy if somebody, can give me a working link.

I am doing some research on that. I have found some more info that may turn the search easier:

COP! is a disk copier and archiver. It is part of the RAP!TOP!COP! compilation of utilities, all written in 1993 by Armin Sander. RAP! is a Stakker-like realtime disk compression system. TOP! is a disk defragmenter.

COP! can use XPK libraries for compressing its disk images, and it can also use four special "PACK" libraries that come with RAP!: lhst (this simply uses the lh.library compression, by Holger P. Krekel and Olaf Barthel), runl (a simple run length encoder), scf1 (a messy LZ77 algorithim by Armin with fast compression) and scn1 (identical to scf1 in format, but slower/better compression)
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