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Massive disk archiving project - Looking for advice

I posted this a while back on, and while I had some suggestions, I am no closer to coming up with a workable solution.

I recently cleaned out a local collector of all his Amiga collection. I only wanted one or two items, but like many he would only sell it as a I had to take it all. This included a rather massive collection of copied software.

I brought home 6 large pullout drawers full of disks (each probably holding 275 to 300 disks) along with about a dozen smaller 100 disk cases. All told, I am estimating that there is probably about 2500 or so disks in this collection. 99% of it is probably copied software. While there is a good chance a lot of it is in TOSEC, there is also decent chance some of it isn't. I am willing to bet there is a bunch of NTSC stuff in there and for the most part TOSEC is almost all PAL stuff.

So, with that said, I want to work my way through this collection and dump it to images. But, I have questions about the best way to go about this.

1. What format should I dump it to? ADF? IPF? Something else?

2. What hardware should I use? Catweasel? Regular Amiga floppy drive? Kryoflux?

Basically I want to start working on this, but I don't want to get midways through it only to realize that I should have went a different route with the dumping. I want to preserve it, but don't want to do it multiple times to get it right. I plan to upload it to the EAB file server and/or also the Torrent tracker so its out there in folks hands. I just need some starting advice to get the ball rolling.

So...anyone want to donate a Catweasel or Kryoflux?
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