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Well, it's like these companies are being run by euro-geeks that don't have much of any business plan,
Yeah, and you are the person to judge that? LOL.

even for a limited market, and hold on to the hope of reliving a past that has been long gone by reviving a name only. If progress means the future of the Amiga will look nothing like its past then a more common sense approach would mean developing the OS to run on current hardware, not create some sub-culture of leftover PPC systems to make a quick buck on the hardware.
Your original complaint was "they suck, because they don't deliver". I asked you to explain that statement - but you simply come up with the next complaint "they suck because they force me to buy Amiga-Hardware". Grow up kid.

It's either AmigaOne+OS4 or no OS4 at all. It's that easy. Amiga Inc. uses the licensing fees from Eyetech (AmigaOne) to pay for the OS development. No AmigaOne - no OS4.

And before you start another boring rant about how PPC hardware sucks, please explain me why you're using a Mac?

You're just a whiner, that's it.

And I pretty much have to agree with Burseg here: I'm not defending Amiga Inc. but clueless wannabees attacking "these companies" (Hyperion, Eyetech, Elbox) really annoy me.
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