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Really interesting email from Jim Wills giving me more information and background on the game Toado and other things....

From Jim's email to me....

I was inspired to write this as there was not a version (that I had come across) of this game at the time, plus the company I used to work for did a version for the Memotech MTX called Toado, which is where I got the name from. The game is written totally in Assembler, I used Devpac as my editor and the original graphics were done by me using DPaint, later on they were done by Simon Foster (of Transport & Rollacoaster Tycoon fame) and I think they were done on a PC. Not able to find out much else about this I am afraid. I do have the original version as well which had the old graphics on, when I sent it to AF, the editor advised it could benefit from better graphics and he knew someone who was interested in doing some. The sound (music) was done in a sequencer, I decided not to attempt to add sound effects at the time, it was running very close to the maximum file size to work on an unexpanded A500.

Jim also told me about his involvement with the MTX Computer and the software company called "Megastar Games" - you can read all about this if you visit his web site... click - MEMOTECH MTX Computer Site

Here you can see pictures of the original Toado as well as some really decent looking other games for the MTX system - check out the page for the game "Pothole Pete" (see if Pete reminds you of anyone!) You can see the original paper level designs drawn by Jim! (Click here for Pothole Pete!)

The Site is really worth a look around - it certainly gave me an insight into a platform I have never used.
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