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Can anyone help me access data from a floppy?

Hi folks

I used to have an Amiga 1200 years ago, and my grandfather, believe it or not, who was in his eighties, had a number of amigas. He died a long time ago, but he left me a few bits and bobs and I came across a floppy disk which contains a number of text files with articles about the family history.

I got rid of my Amiga years ago, but I would love to be able to access the data on the floppy disk on my PC. I have tried searching the internet for ways of converting the data, but it seems long winded and expensive.

I'm looking for someone who could help me by accessing the data (if it's still readable) and producing some hard copy prints for me?

If anyone can help could you please email me at - you would be compensated for your trouble and expenses of course!

Many thanks

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