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Thats pretty much how I remember it. The name was based on an old Sci-fi movie, think i've still got it on DVD. Dan as i'm sure you know, went to Anarchy. There was a bit of a hoohar at the time, people accused Dan of stealing Andi's code. I'm sure everyone did a bit of that but it take a lot to put it to use and i'm quite sure Dan knew what he was doing. I once went to stay with Kris from Anarchy, this was when the first gulf war was on. We'd even digitized some pics of Sadam for a Demo but nothing really ever came of it.

Amazing how things come back to you, as people keep prompting you.

Does anyone remember what the name of the UK scoopex board was, I remember it was ran by a guy called Karl but can't remember his nick. Used to go visit him on a saturday.
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